March 6, 2016


Where can I get a paper copy?
Most churches have volunteered to print a copy for members of their congregation who do not have access to the internet. We recommend you check with your pastor or church secretary.

If you know voting friends or family who do not have access to the internet, we appreciate your willingness to print a copy for them. Remember that updates are made daily, so print a copy close to the time they are ready to vote.

How are you funded?
We are affiliated with Christian Coalition of San Diego County, a non-profit, 501-c4 organization.  We are a non-partisan, voter education organization. Our funding comes from donations by voters and organizations who use our materials and/or believe our Voter Publication is a beneficial tool for San Diego County voters.  Please visit our Donate page for more information.

Why are you changing to a web-based distribution?
The challenge of printing the voter publication has always been that endorsements continue to come in after the printing deadline.  By the time the printed copy is distributed, additional updates have been made online.  Although we encourage people to check the website for the latest version, most don’t go online because they have the printed resource in their hand.

Now that most voters have internet access, it seems like the right time to begin
1)  moving away from physical distribution
2) focusing on promoting the website and
3) encouraging people to access the voter guide online.

Rather than distributing the printed voter guide for this Election, we are emailing a half sheet flier that can be printed out.   The flier will list the website and encourage folks to access the information online.

We recommend you:

  • Print out the flier and insert it in your bulletin for several weeks prior to the election.
  • Publish the link in your bulletin for several weeks prior to the election.
  • Send out an email to your congregation email group with the website link encouraging voters to access the information online AND forward the link to all of their San Diego County voting friends.